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Four Reason's Why Athlete's Succeed in Real Estate

November 13, 20236 min read

When transitioning from an athletic career into a business career, you might wonder if all of that time you spent as an athlete will provide any advantage in your new position. And the answer is that it depends on the nature of that new position. Some business opportunities will not utilize the skills and character you developed as an athlete as well as others.


Real estate is one option where the skills you possess as a successful athlete correlate well with the skills of a successful agent. Because of this, athletes who are uncertain about their business future should seriously consider the real estate industry, for I believe this market is one where you can outperform 99% of your competition if you learn to use the skills you already possess.


Let me explain four of the ways athletes are primed to outperform the typical agent in real estate:


1. You understand that success always requires action

2. You recognize that steady, consistent progress within a trusted process always delivers

3. You comprehend the importance of constant adjustments and improvements

4. You fully acknowledge that in every season, you get out what you put in


Many people in today’s economy pursue business opportunities, like real estate, which are not the traditional 9 to 5 of the corporate world. But rather than viewing these options as opportunities to work harder than a traditional job, many agents expect real estate to be an easier path. They buy into the myth that if they can find a way to create passive income, they can settle into a passive mentality and lazy lifestyle.


As an athlete, you understand that there are no results without action. Even the greatest athletes embarrass themselves when they don’t show up on game day. And even the best players, if they grow passive, are quickly outperformed by hungrier, harder working athletes behind them.


In our free and competitive marketplace, those who take little action get little results. When an athlete becomes an agent, your understanding of the competitive landscape of reality and the need to take action in order to succeed comes with you. This awareness of competitive realities, which many people fail to fully accept, separates the athlete turned agent from a typical real estate agent.


Second, many people who enter the real estate industry think that they will magically make a few big deals and live lavishly for years to come. They put real estate in some “get rich quick” category in their mind. Because of this, they live in delusion that financial success requires only a few lucky breaks.


As an athlete, you understand that success comes through steady progress and consistent devotion to a trusted process. You learned as an athlete that the “shortcuts” to success don’t actually exist. You gave up any delusion about overnight breakthrough and disciplined yourself for the long haul. You found a trusted process and committed to embracing the daily push forward, one step at a time.


Real estate is an industry where deals take time to develop and success requires a series well executed performances for your clients. And like in athletics, there are some processes that provide better results than others, and those who commit themselves to finding small ways to improve their own process make the necessary improvements that sustain success for the long term.


Additionally, many real estate agents may begin their career with great energy and find some early success, but soon fizzle out. A primary reason this happens is because they discovered a method that, matched with their own enthusiasm, produced some results. But then the market changed, or the demands shifted, or their clientele developed different interests. These agents continued in their same method and their success dissolved.


As an athlete, you comprehend the importance of constant adjustments and improvements. You know that the big breakthroughs are often a result of a series of small adjustments or little gains. An athlete knows the world is not an all or nothing place, where one strategy will earn 100% success and the others 0. You realize small improvements are necessary to keep up with the changing demands of your sport, and adjustments are always needed in a competitive situation.


Real estate is a constantly changing industry, both as an industry and in regards to your local market. The same methods do not always produce the same results. The “you” of this year will need to get better to find the same level of success next year. An athlete turned agent has a great advantage over the typical agent in this regard, for whereas the typical agent might not understand why the same methods no longer work or might become frustrated and despondent when his skill set from last year no longer delivers the same results, the athlete turned agent understands that it’s all part of the game.


Finally, many real estate agents enter this industry believing that once they find the secrets of the trade, they will be able to coast for years into the future. They believe the myth that some short term success will make them a guru who can relax in Maui working a few hours a week for the rest of time. They are not prepared for the reality that each season requires its own efforts and demands its own victories.


As an athlete, you know that past success does not automatically equate to future victory. You know that every season is different, and each will have its own challenges, regardless of your skill level. The competitive landscape allows even the best to suffer defeat when they begin to coast. You know this lesson firsthand, because it is a humbling experience that all athletes learn, one way or another.


The real estate industry is no different in its competitive nature to your sport. Each season requires the same level of effort to find success as the last one. Many typical agents have never learned this valuable lesson, or at least not to the degree that you have. An athlete turned agent has an advantage in real estate because they are under no delusion that past success will automatically yield future clients or secure future deals. Each client is new opportunity to chase victory, and chasing victory is something athletes do well.


I hope through these four examples you can see the benefits that your athletic experience can provide for you if you decide to become a real estate agent. I could have continued to list other advantages, like time management, ability to take initiative, dealing with loss, and other skills that athletes turned agents have over the typical agent, but I think you get my point.


I promote the athlete to agent route because this is how I found success in my own life. These are not just ideas to me, they are my experience. And now I want to help you find success, too. As an athlete ready to transition into the business world, there might be some disadvantages you have from spending so much of your past invested in your sport. But there are also some great skills you possess, and I want to help you take these skills and utilize them in real estate for business success.


And whether real estate is a vehicle that helps give you financial freedom for other pursuits or it becomes a lengthy and prosperous career, I am here to help.

Tim Johnson

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